italiano a modello 1

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April 20, 2006

Italiano a modello 1 focuses on reception and production skills in writing. Through a series of carefully selected short simple literary texts, it also implicitly develops a taste for reading and a critical appreciation of target language. Each module helps the students with comprehension of the texts by working on their vocabulary and use of language. In addition, students can recycle aspects of the model to express themselves though simple pieces of writing, e.g. a journal entry, letter, description, narrative, dramatisation and poem.  In the process that goes from reading to writing, there are guided activities which encourage student interaction, and inspire the exchange of information, experiences and ideas.


The book can be used:

- for study of Italian as a foreign language, for levels A1, A2 and B1,

- for language courses looking for more stimulating content 

- for secondary school courses 

- for foreign university courses, for beginner to intermediate students


Italiano a modello 1 provides:

- a key to all activities

- biographical details of the authors 

- references to useful web sites for further information and special interests.


The book contains excerpts form the following authors:

S. Agnello Hornby - D. Alighieri - N. Ammaniti - A. Baricco - A. Bevilacqua

I. Calvino - A. Camilleri - L. Cardella - M. Carlotto - G. D’Annunzio - F. De André - D. Fo - N. Ginzburg - A. Gramsci - C. Levi - A. Manzoni - D. Maraini - Melissa P.  - A. Moravia - C. Pavese - E. Pecora - S. Quasimodo - P.V. Tondelli - G. Ungaretti.


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