Mistress of illusion

Jane’s Gems

Jane Fortune
June 14, 2007

Tania Vartan’s stunning apartment, which is covered floor to ceiling with her elegant trompe l’oeil designs and delicious, decorative paintings, is a feast for the eyes and the creative senses. Her transformation of a drab Ikea cabinet into a beautiful furniture piece is awe-inspiring, especially accompanied by the simple fabrics that she quickly transforms into sophisticated, chic designs.


Tania is the founder and director of the Florence Academy of Trompe l’Oeil Painting. Extremely talented, she has also been a clothing and textile designer, a painter, a teacher and a lecturer. She was discovered by an internationally renowned interior designer, the late Mark Hampton, and has worked for many notable clients ever since, among them Princess Lee Radziwell.


Not only can you see Tania Vartan’s work, but you can learn some of the secrets behind it. Her summer workshops focus on faux finishes, three-dimensional ornamentation, gilding techniques, stenciling, cloud painting and perspective. She is offering a five-day class (June 18–22) in the Palazzo Corsini Garden on via della Scala. She will also teach a four-week summer workshop (July 2–27) for beginner to advanced students.


For more information contact taniavartan@aol.com

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