Essere un muso, Troiaio, Sbrindelloni

Your in-progress dictionary of the Florentine dialect

Francesco Stefanelli, Alexandra Lawrence
January 31, 2013


Essere un muso: To be a tough guy. One who has a large set of certain male attributes. In polite company, we might use the expression ‘to have guts.'

Example: ‘Di certo i' tù fratello l'è proprio un muso, unnà avuto paura di que' delinquenti!' (‘Your brother sure has guts! He wasn't even afraid of those criminals!')


Troiaio: Commonly used to indicate something nasty or something done badly. Can also be used to express disgust. Synonym of ‘trugolaio.'

Example: ‘I' dorce lè venuto un gran troiaio!' (‘The dessert ended up being disgusting!')


Sbrindelloni: Usually used to indicate a piece of clothing that is too big and hangs on the body in an unflattering manner.

Example: ‘Codesto maglione ‘un mi piace, lè tutto a sbrindelloni.' (‘I don't like that sweater: it's huge and unflattering.')

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