Leonardo, live at Santo Stefano al Ponte

New multimedia show in Florence

Thomas Austen
May 28, 2015

andreapaolettiphotos by Andrea PaolettiFollowing the extremely successful Van Gogh Alive show, which ended on June 2, another multimedia exhibition has just opened at Santo Stefano al Ponte. This time, it’s dedicated to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Titled ‘Da Vinci Alive: The Experience,' the show will run until November 2.


In an incredibly detailed and complete exhibition of Da Vinci’s works, Da Vinci Alive explores Leonardo’s discoveries as an architect, philosopher, sculptor, scientist, artist, and engineer—masterfully portraying him as the exemplary Renaissance figure.  


Through use of the SENSORY4 system, the exhibition creates a symphony of light, image, and sound, fostering a sensory journey through the dynamic mind of Da Vinci. As 40 high-definition projectors emit over 3000 enormous images, and as each are accompanied by surround sound, they create a unique medium for viewing art.


For any interested in the history and discoveries of Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Da Vinci Alive’ is an experience that both educates and entertains.


Da Vinci Alive

Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte

Open until November 2, 2015

12 euro



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