Launched in April at Palazzo Vecchio and in piazza della Signoria, Florence's "Jan Fabre: Spiritual Guards" exhibition recently opened its Forte Belvedere section. 
Approximately 60 works in bronze and wax are on display, dating from 1978 to 2016. Inside the Palazzina di Belvedere, visitors can also watch films showcasing Fabre’s performance art.

Though Fabre is most often recognized for his beetle shell-based compositions and installations, those works are confined to Palazzo Vecchio. With numerous bronze beetle sculptures on display at Forte Belvedere, however, the scarabeus still plays a fundamental role in the narrative here: in a recent interview with The Florentinethe artist explained that the beetle here represents a "guard" and "warrior," fitting with Forte Belvedere's historical function.

Admission to Forte Belvedere is free. All three portions of the exhibition are open until October 2. 

All photos by Andrea Paoletti

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