Prato’s Museum Card

A network of cultural cooperation

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October 10, 2016 - 9:49

Prato has a museum card that is also much more.


Pratomusei, set up in February, 2013, is a network aimed at creating cultural cooperation amongst the city's arts institutions. The network has concentrated on developing a shared educational programme for schools and families, as well as integrating the management and promotion of cultural events and working together on conservation and training.

Most importantly for the general public, the network offers a three-day museum card that allows visitors to access the town’s four main museums: Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Museo del Tessuto, Museo di Palazzo Pretorio and Musei Diocesani. On this page you can read more about each of them.


Museo del Tessuto


Museo del Tessuto Museo del Tessuto


Prato’s Textile Museum breathes new life into the Campolmi factory, an important exemplar of industrial architecture, symbolized by the ciminiera (smokestack) in its courtyard, which is the tallest one in Prato. Just inside, a 19th-century team-powered boiler is given pride of place in the first room, recalling the function of this factory as a cimatoria, where a specific part of wool processing was carried out (the shearing). A display on the first floor shows the permanent collection in thematic rotation. The second floor is dedicated to the fascinating history of textile in Prato, while a large space is dedicated to temporary exhibits dedicated to themes (like vintage clothing) or designers (like Ferrè). There is an educational area about how textiles are made, as well as a workshop area that is frequently used for schools.

Open Tuesday to Thursday 10-15, Friday and Saturday 10-19, Sunday 15-19. Closed Monday.


Museo di Palazzo Pretorio


A painting by Filippo Lippi at the Museo di Palazzo Pretorio A painting by Filippo Lippi at the Museo di Palazzo Pretorio


This important medieval building at the center of Prato came back to life in 2014 after a long restoration. The permanent collection on three floors, with a modern layout and label texts. It tells the history of Prato through the paintings, and some sculptures, that defined its most important spaces throughout history, from the 14th century, through the Renaissance in Prato, through the Novecento. On the top floor, an air gallery with a view over the whole city, is dedicated the sculptures and drawing of the Lithuanian artist Jacques Lipchitz, which was donated to the city by the artist’s foundation in 2013. Look out also for temporary exhibitions, which are set up on the ground floor.

Open daily 10:30-18:30. Closed Tuesday.


Musei Diocesani Prato


Fresco in Prato Cathedral, part of the Diocesan Museums Fresco in Prato Cathedral, part of the Diocesan Museums


The Diocesan Museums in Prato include the Opera del Duomo museum and access to the frescoes by Filippo Lippi inside the Cathedral. The museum is laid out in the spaces adjacent to the Cathedral, including an impressive 14th-century courtyard. The museum preserves relics, sculptures, illustrated choral books and sculptures that are part of the church’s heritage. Perhaps most importantly, though, it holds the original low-relief sculptures from the external pulpit by Donatello (the structure sits outside on a corner of the building).

Open daily 10-13, 14-17. Sundays 14-17. Closed Tuesday.


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