Part of the wide-ranging YTALIA exhibition, the installation in the Rucellai Chapel, set in Florence's Marino Marini Museum, features artist Mimmo Paladino and fashion designer Alberta Ferretti, who worked side by side to craft delightful ornaments.


The chapel was designed by Leon Battista Alberti between 1305 and 1325 and was recently reopened to the public for Mass.


The vestments of Paladino and Ferretti were used during Mass on May 31, celebrated by the priest of Santa Maria Novella and later displayed as site-specific works in the Rucellai Chapel. 


From June 2, 2017, YTALIA will encompass other historic Florentine institutions, including the Uffizi Galleries, the Basilica of Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio, and Museo del Novecento. The exhibition's main base is Forte Belvedere.


YTALIA: Energy Thought Beauty. Everything Is Connected
June 2 - October 1, 2017
Forte Belvedere and various venues
3 euro for non-residents, 2 euro for residents

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21 days and 20 hours and minutes ago
This is hideous. The fact that such talentless pieces from lackluster individuals who believe they are "artists" can coexist next to the timelessness of the true Florentine artists is distasteful enough. But to be promoted as something good is just that much more a slap in the face. Italy needs to return to its artistic roots if if it wants to regain its status as a thought-leader in art, and this can only be accomplished if we begin to call out talentless works for what they are.