Baldassari 'blurs' two mediums in Milan
(issue no. 132/2010 / November 18, 2010)


American conceptual artist John Baldessari's art-inspired creations are the focus of a novel installation, The Giacometti Variations, on exhibit at the Prada Foundation in Milan until December 26.


The installation features nine monumental mannequins inspired by Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti's iconic sculptures, dressed in colourful clothing and accessories designed by Baldessari.


‘Giacometti's figures are the most skinny and emaciated sculptures that exist. Why not push that further?' Baldessari said in a press statement. ‘Also there currently is a blurring of art and fashion ... Why not fuse the two-art and fashion-since that idea is in our zeitgeist?'


During the exhibit, Baldessari will present 18 different looks on the nine statues, in rotation. For more information, see


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