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The faces of Frontiers: Mark Coleran

The fantasy interface
by Alexandra Korey (issue no. 145/2011 / June 16, 2011)
Coleran has a job most of us don't know exists: designing fake computer systems for sci-fi and action films, systems that discreetly make them seem fast and cool. His extensive portfolio of Fantasy User Interfaces includes The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible 3 and The Island.   You've …

Confessions of a former calciante

by Brenda Dionisi (issue no. 145/2011 / June 16, 2011)
In anticipation of the return of the Calcio Storico, TF spoke to Simone Calonaci, historic calciante for the Bianchi from 2000 to 2006, about what it's like to play the game, its recent history and what makes the Calcio Storico Fiorentino one of the …

Where design, technology and humans meet

Frontiers of Interaction
by Alexandra Korey (issue no. 143/2011 / May 19, 2011)
If I tell you that Frontiers of Interaction is a two-day conference about technology, you might stop reading now. Luckily, it's a whole lot more than that. Yes, there are speakers, but, as a past attendee of a Frontiers conference, I can guarantee that the …

Artigianato e Palazzo

An interview with Neri Torrigiani
by Devin Tooma (issue no. 141/2011 / April 21, 2011)
It's been said time and time again: Florence is changing. Whether or not it be with the times, modernity is beginning to replace museum visits with Google street views, gelato with Ben & Jerry's, and, sadly, artisanal handicrafts with cost-friendlier, foreign-made …

David Broomfield

On the British Consulate's closure
by Devin Tooma (issue no. 140/2011 / April 7, 2011)
On March 21, the British Embassy in Rome announced that the British Consulate in Florence, after a presence in the city lasting over half a millennium, will close. Effective on December 31, 2011, British consular services for Northern Italy, including Florence, will be available through …

Dr. Sandro Rosseti

Helping students adjust to life abroad
by Devin Tooma (issue no. 135/2011 / January 27, 2011)
Living or studying abroad is no small feat: you may be thousands of miles away from home for months at a time, perhaps outside your own country (and, according to our interviewee, ‘on another planet') for the first time. Your usual …

Women artists 'of wit and great ingenuity'

Self-portraits from the Uffizi collection
by Rea Stavropoulos (issue no. 133/2010 / December 9, 2010)
Who am I?' ‘What am I doing here?' ‘How do I wish to be remembered?' These are among the questions that an artist may ask herself as she tries to decide how she will represent herself to the world, what to …

Elisabetta Cianfanelli

by Brenda Dionisi Marco Badiani (issue no. 133/2010 / December 9, 2010)
A Florence native, Elisabetta Cianfanelli is one busy lady. While juggling family commitments and a variety of important roles in the city, she also holds the position of Florence's municipal councillor of Tourism, Europe and Fashion and Equal Opportunities in the …

Bill Emmott

by Brenda Dionisi (issue no. 132/2010 / November 18, 2010)
Today he is an independent writer and consultant on international affairs, based in London and Somerset, and writes regular columns for The Times in Britain and La Stampa in Italy.  He is best known for having served as editor-in-chief of The Economist, the world's leading weekly magazine on …

Meeting Sean Ferrer

by Lisa Clifford (issue no. 130/2010 / October 21, 2010)
Audrey Hepburn's son talks about running the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund from his home in Tuscany.       Sean Hepburn Ferrer draws breath slowly and contemplates his answers seriously. He has a steady gaze and a solid presence. He is sitting at his dining …

Federico Frediani

An Italian art diplomat in L.A.
by Devin Tooma (issue no. 127/2010 / September 9, 2010)
Federico Frediani can best be described as an art diplomat. A Florentine lawyer by profession, counting the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles and a selection of American universities in Florence among his clients, his interests and passion for both his hometown …

An interview with Monsignor Timothy Verdon

by Devin Tooma (issue no. 125/2010 / June 17, 2010)
Born in the United States, Monsignor Timothy Verdon has no single job description. He is an art historian with a Ph.D. from Yale University, a priest in Florence, director of the Diocesan Office for Catechesis Through Art, the author of books and articles on sacred …

An interview with Bill Viola

A pioneer of video art
by Brenda Dionisi (issue no. 124/2010 / June 3, 2010)
Born in New York in 1951, Bill Viola is widely recognized as one of the world's leading visual artists. Over the last 35 years, he has created video tapes, architectural video installations, sound spaces and video and electronic music performances, flat …

Elio Fiorucci

The inventor of the 'fashion' jean
by Brenda Dionisi (issue no. 115/2009 / January 28, 2010)
Fashion designer, entrepreneur, talent scout, trendsetter, and among the world's first mass communication gurus: all these terms describe Fiorucci. The focus of the exhibit Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Jeans Inventor Histoire, at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) until February 12, Fiorucci is foremost a fashion visionary. ‘After introducing …

'Indiana Jane' strikes again - part II

An interview with Jane Fortune
by Alexandra Lawrence (issue no. 111/2009 / November 5, 2009)
I recently sat down with Jane Fortune, author of Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence, due out later this month from The Florentine Press. ‘Indiana Jane' has spent the past five years scouring archives and haunting the recesses of some of …

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