Author: Baret Magarian

Baret Magarian is on the faculty of Gonzaga University in Florence, where he teaches creative writing and travel writing. His fiction has appeared in Panurge, Sagarana, El Ghibli, the White Fly Press anthology HOTell, and the Journal of Italian Translation. He is working on a novel set in the Mojave desert and is preparing an adaptation of his short story “The Pain Tapestry”, to be performed on May 6 and 7, 2016, in Turin with the noted actor Roberto Zibetti at La Caduta theatre.
May 12, 2016

Florence and the crepuscular beach

Florence? What is this metaphysical perfection? Strolling down its streets, flipping through its yellowing, exquisite pages, bowing politely and nodding to the ethereal ghosts that jostle alongside you in the fifth dimension, one is struck down by the futility of aspiration here. If it weren’t for Brunelleschi and all the other heavies, if so many […]