Author: Brenda Dionisi

Canadian-born with Italian origins, Brenda Dionisi holds a Master's Degree in Textual Competence in Publishing and the Media from the University of Siena for Foreigners and an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto in Criminology and Italian Studies. Formerly managing editor at TF, she now freelances as journalist and editor for a range of English-language outlets. Follow her on Twitter @brendadionisi and see her on video at
April 9, 2009

Pietro Annigoni

‘Impulse alone does not make a work of art.’ These are the words of one of Italy’s most internationally renowned twentieth-century artists. Despite receiving many accolades from the international art world late in life, during much of his career, the artistic brilliance of Pietro Annigoni remained largely overlooked by his contemporaries.   Increasingly stirred by […]
March 26, 2009

Meeting Ken Loach

‘Florence has a happy memory for me. It was 25 years ago when the most historic strike since WWII began in Britain. I made a documentary film about it [A Question of Leadership] that was banned from television because it showed several pictures of the police beating the mediators. The documentary film festival in Florence […]

Art, genius, madness

Where is the line between genius and madness? How does madness influence art? How has the relationship between art and madness changed throughout the centuries? These are the questions visitors are asked to consider at an exhibit in Siena's Santa Maria della Scala Museum: Genio e Follia: Il giorno
February 26, 2009

Italian pastoral

Think ‘farmer' and the image of a hefty, husky man with strong hands and a stronger heart comes to mind. Perhaps he is riding a tractor, taking livestock to graze or rebuilding a fence. Let's face it: in the popular imagination farmers are more often than not men
February 12, 2009

Who’s who in the Florence primaries

For the first time ever in the city of Florence, foreign residents will be given the opportunity to have their say in a primary election, which will select the mayoral candidate from the centre-left coalition. In the upcoming primary elections, scheduled for February 15, all legal residents of Florence over the age of 16 years […]
December 11, 2008

An interview with Felice Limosani

When I walked into Felice Limosani's office overlooking Piazza Duomo on a brisk November afternoon, I had the impression that this would not be your ordinary interview. Entering the beautiful palazzo on via Roma and the office just above the Luisa Via Roma store, where Limosani is creative director,
November 13, 2008

Something to sink your teeth into

Lampredotto, bistecca fiorentina, ginestrata, fagioli all'uccelletto, polpettone, pasta e ceci, lepre in dolceforte, biscotti di Prato: the first edition of the Biennale Enogastronomica Fiorentina Leo Codacci has it all-and much more. With food and wine that stimulate the senses and feed the soul, this two-week event, at
September 4, 2008

Art in the making

When a group of young, independent artists held its first exhibit in mid-nineteenth-century Paris, no one was expecting it would give rise to one of the greatest artistic movements of the modern era.   Drawing inspiration from the theories of Goethe and Helmholz, this heterogeneous group of revolutionary
May 15, 2008

Enigma in Giorgio de Chirico’s art

‘One clear autumn afternoon I was sitting on a bench in the middle of the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. It was of course not the first time I had seen this square…The whole world, down to the marble of the buildings and fountains, seemed to me to be convalescent…Then I had the strange impression […]
April 30, 2008

En Vogue

Miuccia's Newest Challenge   Miuccia Prada had just earned a PhD in political science when she decided to take the reins of her family's luxury leather goods business in 1978. Since then she has affirmed herself as the one of the world's most celebrated trendsetters of exclusive