Author: Catriona Miller

Catriona Miller is a recently graduated Scot who loves writing, meeting new people and baking. She has become slightly addicted to coffee since arriving in Italy and has no qualms about ordering a cappuccino after 11am. You can follow her on her blog at
September 26, 2013

Tuscany on film

It should come as no surprise that the beautiful region of Tuscany has been used as a backdrop by many film producers since the beginning of the 1900s: from Romola (directed by King Henry, 1924), a silent film set in Florence and based on George Eliot’s novel of
September 12, 2013

The SOURCE of design

Until September 19 the Limonaia at Villa Strozzi is hosting the first SOURCE exhibit including a free show displaying the work of 40 Italian and international designers. There will be two workshops on photography and film-making as well as debates and seminars, which are mostly free to attend. You