Author: Devin Tooma

March 24, 2011

Crazy dead men

The ‘angry young men' on exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi might just have easily been called the ‘troubled young men,' for each had his share of eccentricities and issues. Mirò often resorted to anorexia for inspiration. He would lie in bed for days, without eating, sketching the shapes
March 10, 2011

Faces of unity

Who were the key figures in forging unity Italy 150 years ago? Some of them were widely known in the Risorgimento, but the roles that others played have emerged over time. Women hid rebels, nursed wounds, and raised funds for the cause. Here, meet some of the men and women

The don’t miss list – Mar 10 to 24,

Special Events/ Capodanno Fiorentino/Pisano March 25, piazza SS Annunziata, Florence; Duomo of Pisa, Pisa   The Florentine new year begins on Annunciation Day, March 25, a religious holiday observed throughout Italy, honoring the day the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus. Historically, the calendar

The ties that bind

Seven hundred years ago, the desire to unite the people residing on this peninsula was born from a revolutionary linguistic notion advanced by Florence's sommo poeta, Dante Alighieri. His vision was to break the language boundaries that separated those who wrote high literature and those who read it.  
February 24, 2011

Take a tour

Florence has over a thousand tabernacles, more than any other city in Europe. Of course, locating them all is a daunting task. To get you started, we have put together this (very) short list of major tabernacles in Florence's historic center. If organized tours are not your thing, meander

On the wing

We know you've been wondering. And, until a short telephone call ago, we, too, had been feeling eerily connected to Hitchcock's film, The Birds. There's just something about animals in mass that gives us the heebie-jeebies. One mouse? Marketable. A million mice? Massive cardiac infarction. So,

The don’t miss list – Feb 25 to Mar 10,

Special Events/Festa della donna March 8, all over Italy   Italy celebrates International Women's Day, which was officially born of late-nineteenth-century strikes in New York and later ones in Russia, so get those yellow mimosas for the ladies in your life. After all, where would you
February 10, 2011

Truisms revisited

The TF staff was recently discussing some of the most common truisms about Italy, Tuscany and Florence. After five years of print, we've pretty much heard and said it all. However, there are a few things about Italy and Tuscany that never seem to get old. And that started
January 27, 2011

Dr. Sandro Rosseti

Living or studying abroad is no small feat: you may be thousands of miles away from home for months at a time, perhaps outside your own country (and, according to our interviewee, ‘on another planet') for the first time. Your usual support systems and coping mechanisms may suddenly be
January 13, 2011

TF Top picks for 2011

Happy New Year, readers! If you don’t already have a resolution for 2011, a good one would be to hit the town more often. And to make it easier to keep that resolution, the TF staff is giving you a running start with TF Top Picks for 2011. Because 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of […]