Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
May 26, 2005

Wage Rate Battle Heats Up

After the latest in a number of talks between Italian government officials and major union representatives, it seems that both sides continue to move farther from an agreement.   In the midst of economic troubles, the Italian government is pushing for cuts in every sector possible; meanwhile, state workers have

American Church Gets Australian Rector

In a festive celebration punctuated by hymns, the Reverend Roger Featherston was instituted on Sunday afternoon as the new rector of St. James Church. The ceremony was officiated by the Right Reverend Pierre Whalon, Bishop-in-Charge of the Convocation of American Episcopal Churches in Europe; and dignified by the
May 19, 2005

Too Much Pressure on Latin Lovers

A study conducted in five European countries has demonstrated that Italian males are unsatisfied with their love lives but do not consider themselves to blame. It is, the research claims, in part due to the pressure caused by their fame as “Latin Lovers,” leading them to be stressed

Forte Belvedere Reopens

The restoration project that made Forte Belvedere’s breathtaking views of the city inaccessible to the public has finally been completed. The fort reopened its doors in time for last week’s opening of a large exhibition of works by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon. Regular entrance fee

Shoot friendly in Tuscany

A stand has been set up by the Toscana Film Commission at the 58th annual Cannes Film Festival as a reminder that Tuscany possesses one of the most beautiful natural movie sets on the planet.   The Commission’s main goal is to promote the landscape and culture of

Second-Hand Smoke Verdict a Precedent in Italy

A recent verdict by a Roman Court in favour of a woman who died from lung cancer caused by second-hand smoke is a precedent case in Italy and may be followed by a series of related cases. The case in question ruled that the victim’s family would

Giro d’Italia: American Zabriskie wins Florence stage

American cyclist, David Zabriskie, arrived with the best time for the Florence stage of the 88th Giro D’Italia dedicated to Tuscan cycling champion Gino Bartali. At 58’33”, Zabriskie rode the 45 kilometre stage between Lamporecchio and Florence at an average of 46.140 kph. Zabriskie

5 flags fly in Tuscany

The Tuscan town of Castiglione della Pescaia has won the coveted title of "Best Beach in Italy" in the 2005 edition of the Guida Blu guide to Italy's beaches. Castiglione della Pescaia earned all five of the "flags" necessary to receive a top score in the guide's rating

3 Million Foreign Residents in Italy

The current number of foreigners residing in Italy has reached 3 million in 2005. In 1970 foreign residents barely amounted to 100,000. This is more than a 30% per year increase over 35 years.  60% of foreigners live in the northern regions of Italy, 30% in central regions,

Milan says goodbye to victory

With a 2-2 tie game against Lecce last Sunday, Milan now remains five crucial points behind the other leading team, Juventus, who won a home game victory 2-0 against Parma. These results make it almost certain who will win the Scudetto this year. It would take a miracle