Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
April 21, 2005

10,000 Visitors to Mathematics Museum

The Math Museum, or, Giardino di Archimede, celebrated its first anniversary last weekend, as well as a positive attendance, registering 10,000 visitors to the museum during its first year of activities. This new Florentine museum is actually the only museum in Italy dedicated entirely to Mathematics. The museum is

Frescobaldi cantinas searched by police

The idyllic Frescobaldi vineyard, nestled in the Tuscan hills near Montespertoli, was abruptly invaded by police last week in a surprise action to verify charges that one of the most important wine making companies in Tuscany was not following regulations and was mixing their grapes. An ex-employee of the

Long Lines at Pope Wojtyla’s New Tomb

As many as 10,000 people per hour have been passing in front of Pope John Paul II’s new tomb in the catacombs of St. Peter’s in Rome. While attention now begins to turn toward the new pope, many devoted followers still pay their respects to

History of Tuscany Online

A comprehensive encyclopedia covering everything on the history of Tuscany is now available on the Internet. Two main sections cover the region’s history as well as Tuscany’s direct influence throughout the rest of Europe. To take a look at this impressive archive go to www.toecana-

Heated debates tarnish April 25 holiday

This year, the holiday commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Italian Liberation Day falls on a Monday, and many people are planning to use the long weekend to get away. But, if one does remain in Florence for the holiday there are actually a wide array of events that have been

Football:Upsetting Defeat for Milan

Just seven games away from the end of the Italian Championships the top ranking team Milan was dealt a tough blow when it lost the match 2 to 0 against Siena last Sunday. Juventus has now taken the leading spot in the Championship classification with 70 points, while Milan remained

Bus Strike Friday

A national bus, metro, and tram strike is set for Friday, April 22nd. Buses in Florence will stop for four hours between 16.30 and 20.30. All other cities will choose their own hours to carry out the strike and times will vary.

Amico Museo Week

To welcome in the spring, Tuscan museums will offer extended opening hours, special visits to sites normally closed to the public, and events for children, from April 23rd to May 8th. The Region has organised this initiative in accordance with their motto, “a knowledge of one’s cultural

Traffic restrictions end in Florence

The restrictions on private vehicle circulation that have been in effect since the beginning of 2005 are set to end this month even though air pollution levels still far exceed the limits set by the European Union. Regulations allow European cities to exceed pollution level maximums only thirty-five days