Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
May 19, 2005

Florentines protest new ZTL traffic rules

The new ZTL (limited traffic zone) restrictions (and non-restrictions) seem to be the most debated issue these days in Florence.   Since the new summer restrictions for Florence’s historical centre went into effect last week, they have been met with outrage and protest from all factions of

Italian Wines Best for Heart

It has once again been confirmed that wine consumed in moderation is an important dietary custom that helps to combat heart disease, and it seems that Italian wines in particular contain the highest concentration of the beneficial antioxidant substances that make wine beneficial in fighting heart disease.

Second Incidence of Contaminated Water

In what was the second case in two weeks of poisoning by bottled water, a woman was rushed to the hospital upon experiencing intense stomach pains after drinking from a bottle of mineral water bought at a supermarket in Signa. It seems she had a mild case of bleach poisoning.

Florence pulls first all nighter

The City of Florence and the Region of Tuscany have collaborated to finish off the Week of Creativity with an evening full of events set to last into the early hours of the morning on Sunday, May 22nd.   This first trial run is to be a precursor to the

Too Much Pressure on Latin Lovers

A study conducted in five European countries has demonstrated that Italian males are unsatisfied with their love lives but do not consider themselves to blame. It is, the research claims, in part due to the pressure caused by their fame as “Latin Lovers,” leading them to be stressed

Forte Belvedere Reopens

The restoration project that made Forte Belvedere’s breathtaking views of the city inaccessible to the public has finally been completed. The fort reopened its doors in time for last week’s opening of a large exhibition of works by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon. Regular entrance fee

Shoot friendly in Tuscany

A stand has been set up by the Toscana Film Commission at the 58th annual Cannes Film Festival as a reminder that Tuscany possesses one of the most beautiful natural movie sets on the planet.   The Commission’s main goal is to promote the landscape and culture of
May 12, 2005

Italian Glasses One Sector Not Suffering Crisis

Italian spectacle manufacturing held its ground in 2004, grossing almost 1.9 billion euro. In fact, the sector actually had an increase in sales of 0.3%. Exports also rose by 0.1%. The most popular Italian eyewear are sunglasses. An impressive increase of 17% was registered in Italian brand-

Money for Clean Air

New incentives for the acquisition of less polluting means of transportation are available from the City of Florence. Recent laws further restrict the circulation of polluting vehicles and, in an attempt to help owners of vehicles that fail to meet regulations buy new cars and scooters to substitute their vehicles,

Arsonist strikes again

The serial arsonist, who has been setting elevators aflame in Florence since 1998, expanded beyond his usual territory when he set fire to an elevator in a seven-story building in Scandicci last week.   Using a door mat and inflammatory liquid the arsonist ignited a fire in an elevator