Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
May 19, 2005

Refugees flood Lampedusa

The tiny Italian island of Lampedusa, located almost exactly between Tunisia and Sicily, has long been the land destination for refugees leaving northern Africa by sea.   Last week the calmer summer seas finally set in, allowing several ships packed with over 900 immigrants to make the otherwise treacherous pass

Florentines protest new ZTL traffic rules

The new ZTL (limited traffic zone) restrictions (and non-restrictions) seem to be the most debated issue these days in Florence.   Since the new summer restrictions for Florence’s historical centre went into effect last week, they have been met with outrage and protest from all factions of
May 12, 2005

Beach Umbrella Rental Costs Up

A day at the beach will costs about 10% more than it did in 2004. Beach chair and umbrella rental costs have risen a minimum of 10% and as high as 22% in some locations since last year. Consumer advocate groups note that the costs of seaside activities have more

Florence All-Nighter

The Notte Bianca festival in Rome, which offers events and concerts for a straight 24 hours one night a year, has been so successful that most other Italian cities will be imitating the event this year. Last week, Florence announced the official date for its 24-hour celebration. May 21st

Swimming the strait

In pursuit of her favourite pastime – swimming, Mary Lokken, an American and long-time resident of Florence, has created an annual event that unites swimmers for a challenging non-competitive swim across the Strait of Messina.   In 2004 Mary decided she wanted to swim across the Messina Strait,

Players Win Record Jackpot

A record jackpot for the Italian Lottery of 72 million euro was won by a group of 10 ticket-holders in Milan last weekend. The winners had pooled together to buy several tickets in a system created by the owner of the café where these tickets were acquired. They

Turn Down the Volume!

In an attempt to respond to the growing number of noise complaints by city centre residents, police closed down three night clubs in the centre of Florence this past week. The three clubs, all located in Via Tintori, were closed because of the excessive noise caused by the clubs’

Florence celebrates 20th century arts

This year, the VII annual “Settimana della cultura” of Florence is dedicated to the art and culture of the 20th Century. An array of events will be held from Monday, May 16th to Saturday the 21st, with the highlight being an exhibition on writer and politician, Giuseppe Mazzini,

Italian Glasses One Sector Not Suffering Crisis

Italian spectacle manufacturing held its ground in 2004, grossing almost 1.9 billion euro. In fact, the sector actually had an increase in sales of 0.3%. Exports also rose by 0.1%. The most popular Italian eyewear are sunglasses. An impressive increase of 17% was registered in Italian brand-

Money for Clean Air

New incentives for the acquisition of less polluting means of transportation are available from the City of Florence. Recent laws further restrict the circulation of polluting vehicles and, in an attempt to help owners of vehicles that fail to meet regulations buy new cars and scooters to substitute their vehicles,