Author: Giovanni Giusti

Giovanni takes the lead on institutional projects and is also a partner of Flod, the communications company that manages The Florentine’s paper edition and web presence.
November 3, 2016
1966 Florence FloodART + CULTURE

The benches of piazza Santa Maria Novella

Halina finished her shift at Signora Ludovisi’s at 5pm. In ten minutes she had combed her long curly red hair and put it up into a ponytail, brushed her teeth and changed her top. She walked quickly down the steps of the palazzo that, with the exception of Signora Ludovisi and Signor Bisconti, only housed […]
1966 Florence FloodNEWS

Florence, Italy: flood risk in 2016

What has been done in the last fifty years to minimize the risk of flooding in Florence?
September 6, 2016

Is Florence at seismic risk?

Assessing danger, vulnerability and exposure
April 2, 2015

Inside story: “Embrace the Baptistery” campaign

With a major exhibition currently at New York’s Museum of Biblical Art, an awareness campaign under way to restore the Baptistery and the imminent reopening of the Opera del Duomo museum this October after extensive renovation, there’s a wave of energy emanating from Florence’s
March 5, 2015

Meet the president of Florence’s Chamber of Commerce

With Expo 2015 in nearby Milan and myriad other international events, such as the Flora Firenze flower show in May and Pope Francis’ visit in November, this is a year of opportunity for Tuscan businesses. The Florentine spoke with Leonardo Bassilichi, president of Florence’s Chamber of Commerce,
April 23, 2009

There is life on planet TF!

Jim's daughter is an international student and has an apartment near the Duomo. She is a college tennis player and is looking to play. Which tennis courts are located closest to her apartment?   Ian, from Glasgow, needs information about the city-tax for buses entering Florence. He is