Author: Marisa Garreffa

Marisa Garreffa is an Australian actress and writer living in Florence for four years who is the co-author of The Medici Dynasty Show. She stays busy writing for Openhouse Magazine and online and finishing her memoir for publication late 2017. She is the founder and frequent host of the monthly Open Mic Nights at Tasso Hostel.
October 30, 2017

The voice of the Medici echoes through time

In 2015, at the Biblioteca di San Giovannino, the lights rose for the first time in 300 years on Gian Gastone and Anna Maria Luisa, telling their story beneath the dusty collection of ancient tomes. As Gian Gastone shouted in tortured sleep, a lone man watched from the darkness. He’d read about The Medici Dynasty […]
September 16, 2017

A Florence rape survivor speaks out

At 20.24 yesterday evening my lawyer called: the condemnation for the man who raped me in Florence had finally been confirmed by the highest court in Rome.
March 5, 2016

Swiping and radio silence

Swipe. No. Swipe. No. Red Speedos. No. Suspicious side pose. No. Extremely waxed eyebrows. No. Guess which one of this group I am… No. Dramatic close up of one eyeball. Topless. Topless. Shouldn’t be topless. No. No. No.   Ok, here’s one: clothed, actually smiling, no comments about ‘discretion’. Swipe right. Match! Actually, there are […]