Author: Mary Gray

Mary is Events & Associate Editor at The Florentine. She co-authored the 2017 edition of guidebook Time Out Florence and was recently named a Premio Famiglia Fiducia Fellow at Middlebury College's School in Italy, where she is a 2019 M.A. candidate in Italian Studies. Follow her (and her more photogenic Maltese-terrier mix Miró) on Instagram @VeryMaryGray.
November 6, 2014

Revisiting the Valtiberina

An exhibition at Sansepolcro’s Museo Civico brings together works by two of the most prominent painters associated with the Tuscan Tiber valley. Rivisitazione: Burri incontra Piero della Francesca pairs post-World War II artist Alberto Burri with Arezzo’s most lauded painter, exploring their unexpected similarities, despite

Oil over?

Due in large part to severe weather and an abundance of fruit flies, olive oil producers throughout Tuscany are making bleak predictions for this year’s harvest.   Enrico Rabazzi, regional vice president of the Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori, explained that ‘crops have been completely decimated, and now it&

Viva Volterra!

Following a disastrous collapse at the start of 2014, Volterra’s Etruscan walls are now standing stronger than ever.   On the evening of January 31, as the town was hit with torrential rains and flooding, a 30-meter stretch of wall crumbled when the road beneath it collapsed.

Foodie Florence

Foodies in Florence have a full month ahead of them: from November 10 to 30, the Biennale Enogastronomica Fiorentina is taking place in restaurants, shops, piazzas and other venues throughout the city. Wine tastings, aperitivi, dinners, special markets and more are all on the menu.   Organised by Confesercenti Firenze
October 2, 2014

A heart for heritage

Voting season is upon us—not for politicians, but for ‘places of the heart.’ Organized by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, the annual I Luoghi del Cuore campaign is currently underway. First launched a decade ago, I Luoghi del Cuore allows the public to pinpoint historic monuments,

Masters meet

Prato’s Palazzo Pretorio is currently hosting Capolavori che si incontrano (The Meeting of Masterpieces), comprising 86 artworks by a range of iconic Italian painters. Spanning the 15th to the 18th centuries, the works on display offer an overview of Venetian and Tuscan painting from that period. Tintoretto,

Cool Tuscany

COOLT, Tuscany’s first-ever Culture ‘Week,’ kicks off October 9. Celebrating the region’s artistic and culinary treasures could never be contained to just seven days, though: the ‘week’ will continue for 10 full days until the 19, with a celebratory post-closure

My Italian job

Foreigners in Florence are a particular breed. We arrive fresh-faced and naïve, with limited language skills, few friends and often delusional levels of optimism about the opportunities available. When planning my first stay outside the safety net of study abroad, I was confident that I’d immediately secure a glamorous ‘expat job’ in the art or […]

Valorizing viticulture

When a controversial landscape plan released this summer introduced new limitations on vineyards, wine producers protested (see and the issue began making both regional and international headlines.   Now, in response to the ‘war on winemakers,’ president of the Tuscan Region, Enrico Rossi, plans to

Red tape and ruins

The bureaucratic war over the remains of a Roman villa in Tuscany wages on.   Discovered nearly a decade ago near the small village of Aiano-Torraccia di Chiusi, the villa is believed to have belonged to a proconsul. Although researchers working on the site have faced administrative obstacles from