Author: Mary Gray

Mary is Events & Associate Editor at The Florentine and Editor of TF supplement The Tuscan Times. She co-authored the 2017 edition of guidebook Time Out Florence and has contributed to Forbes Travel Guide. When not writing, she keeps busy on an ultra-scientific mission to sample all the schiacciata and spritz in Tuscany. Follow her on Instagram @VeryMaryGray.
April 3, 2014


Florence as we know it will soon shift shape. By January 2015, the entire territory of the province of Florence will be classified as the Florence metropolitan area. The Lower House just approved the proposed Del Rio bill, which will re-classify the following 9 provinces as metropolitan areas: Florence,

A Tuscan getaway

A getaway from the chaos of city life, a secluded spot for a romantic honeymoon, a destination for memorable summer vacations: those looking for a unique experience should set their sights on the architecturally exceptional Torre di Cala Galera, which stands tall on the Maremma coastline between the old village

Pop-up artists

Move over, Banksy: a distinctly Florentine form of street art has been developing over the past few years, and the genre has seen particular growth in recent months. From decoratively doctored street signs to innovative takes on iconic images, the current street-art scene adds contemporary color to the city. &

First flavour

If Barack and Michelle Obama ever decide to stop in San Gimignano, the presidential pair will have a tasty surprise in store. Anticipating a possible visit from the United States president and first lady, the local Gelateria Dondoli has created a custom flavour, aptly named ‘Michelle.’   In
February 27, 2014

Changes at Lucca cathedral

Visiting Lucca's Duomo will soon come with a small price tag. The famous church is a standard stop on the typical Lucca itinerary, housing relics and sacred objects including the Volto Santo and the tomb of Ilaria Del Carretto. The fee is required of tourists only. Residents of the

Pisa Cathedral turns 950

2014 marks a milestone anniversary for Pisa Cathedral: 950 years have passed since its first stone was laid. Among the events and activities organised in celebration, the most significant is the restoration of the cathedral’s apse. Pisa’s department of cultural heritage and Rome’s institute

Arno Stream Fest

Firenze Film is sponsoring the first edition of the Arno Stream Fest, a short film competition organized in collaboration with the Tuscany Film Commission, the Comune of Signa, Coop and the Alimondo Ciampi Foundation. Participation in the festival will be open to Italian and foreign directors and filmmakers, schools and

Ferre’ and the white shirt

Prato’s Museo del Tessuto is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to the work of Gianfranco Ferré, one of the most prominent fashion figures of the modern age. La Camicia Bianca Secondo Me (The White Shirt According to Me) highlights both the aesthetic and cultural significance of one

Florence: up in arms

An advertisement for Illinois-based gun manufacturer ArmaLite has sparked considerable controversy in Italy. The ad features Michelangelo’s David sculpture, one of Florence’s foremost cultural icons, clutching a bolt-action rifle called the AR-50A1, which reportedly costs over $3,000. The tongue-in-cheek tagline

George Clooney for La Gioconda

Florence art advocates have welcomed a sentiment expressed by George Clooney, who recently commented that Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa ought to be returned to Italy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the A-list actor and Italophile made the remarks during a recent visit to Milan, where he