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April 5, 2019

Salcheto: a sustainable winery in Montepulciano

Boasting bucolic views of Montepulciano, Salcheto might look like the Teletubbies set with its green setting, spacey bubbles and steel tubes, but this winery is as purposeful as it is playful.   The cantina led by Michele Manelli drives environmental standards in the Vino Nobile area—and beyond. In 2011, Salcheto was the first company in […]

A true “hidden gem”: DC Artisan Jeweler

  One factor distinguishing Australian jeweler Denise Copp from her colleagues is that she cuts the gems for her pieces herself. (It’s not usually a given that a jeweler can lay claim to the title of “stonecutter”, too).   The real kicker, though, is that she also talks to the stones, which are sourced from […]

Cooking in Florence

  “It was destiny”   Ask Laura and Gianluca of Cooking in Florence how they first started working together and the latter will give you a whimsical answer. “It was destiny,” he says. Founder Laura shares some more grounded specifics: “I needed a business partner and we met over Spritzes in piazza Beccaria.” Not a […]

Godi Fiorenza: food court

Florence’s first food court with table service has just opened. From freshly baked pizzas to fish tartare, pasta dishes and grilled meats, it's a relaxing setup along via Cavour.

Torre a Cona: a dreamy wine estate in the Florence hills

  A 30-minute drive southeast of Florence, Torre a Cona stands strikingly near the hilltop village of San Donato in Collina.   Embraced by olive trees, verdant vineyards and sturdy age-old walls, the prominent eighteenth-century villa has been brought back to brilliance by the Rossi di Montelera family.       Tours and tastings are […]

A taste of Ruffino: the “fiasco”

The Tuscan town of Pontassieve recently paid tribute to its last fiascaia.   A much-loved local institution and a ceaseless advocate for women’s rights, Fernanda (or Franca, as she was known to many) Bartolini was forever found weaving straw around glass flasks at fairs such as Toscanello d’oro, in June, and Cookstock, in September. Once […]
March 6, 2019

Arista and carabaccia recipes: a taste of Ruffino this March

Italian cooking traces its origins back to a Florentine noble lady, Catherine de’ Medici. Born in Florence 500 years ago, on April 13, 1519, Catherine de’ Medici created a world at the dining table that was admired for its beauty and munificence. When she moved to Paris to marry Henry II of France, the new […]
February 8, 2019

Tuscany’s Carnival treats, courtesy of Ruffino

Carnival is a much-loved festive season throughout Tuscany and all towns celebrate it during the month of February. It’s a centuries-old festival, when everyone is allowed to eat excessively, play excessively and be a bit silly for a day. Typical carnival masquerading exemplifies the idea of turning social standards upside down and doing away with […]
February 1, 2019


  For just 10 euro   The newest food spot to hit the streets of Florence is the innovative Pizzaland. This all-you-can-eat pizza place is a dream for an outing with the kids, an evening with friends or a cheap date night. For just 10 euro, you can chow down on unlimited pizza as you […]
November 30, 2018

Teatro? #BellaStoria! is back

Teatro? #BellaStoria! is back, encouraging teen urbanites to check out Florence’s fabulous theatre scene. For the cost of one ticket, everyone aged between 14 and 19 can enjoy eight shows and a pop concert, attend mask-making workshops, go behind the scenes and even meet the stars.