Author: Tova Piha

Tova Piha, a 22 years old New Yorker and graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Has been living and working in Florence, exploring the city's ins and outs, for the past 9 months.
June 9, 2005

Part I: The Art of the Chase

We’re all very well aware of the reputation Italian men carry worldwide. Who knows out of what mixture of reality and cultural myth the image has been propagated – though it would probably make an interesting sociology dissertation topic, but no woman could plead oblivious to the archetype
May 19, 2005

Florence nightlife 101: what to do and where to go

Much of Florence’s nightlife, especially now that Spring has settled, is to be found outdoors, and not just as a result of the anti-smoking laws implemented earlier this year. Indeed, the open areas of Italian piazze are perfect for evening and late-night hanging out, the cobbled