Buck the beach trend and stick around the city come mid-August—even if for no other reason than the Festa di San Lorenzo, one of the namesake neighborhood’s top traditions. Every year, residents and tourists mix and mingle for an evening that’s part dance party-DJ set-concert, part dinner and 100 per cent popolare. Why the 10th, and why San Lorenzo? It’s the peak of the Perseids meteor shower, traditionally associated with “the tears of Saint Lawrence”, whose 258 CE martyrdom is marked on August 10. There's a morning procession from Palagio di Parte Guelfa to piazza della Signoria (9.45am) and a special mass in the basilica of San Lorenzo (11am), but the key event is in the evening when San Lorenzo residents and volunteers distribute free, fresh watermelon and pasta al sugo (hours for the food portion can be a little elusive, but we’d recommend arriving around 8pm—or eating elsewhere, should you have no patience for elbowing. Saint Lawrence would understand).