TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a magazine from The Florentine is the Italy’s only bilingual literary review featuring six original short stories and two poems penned by contemporary Italian authors, lovingly translated into English and illustrated by an emerging artist. Issue 5 theme is FAKE.

The event is part of the via Maggio street festival, with musical performances (maggiolata) and special events all day long.

5pm. Presentation of Issue 5, with the authors, editorial staff and illustrator.

3-9pm. Pop-up exhibition of the 14 illustrators, finalists of the open call.


Illustrators on show:

Luogo Comune
Alessandra Oricchio
Elena Scilinguo
Francesco Del Re
Marta Lonardi
Francesco Seresi
A m’I rum da me
Daniela Berti
Chiara Abastanotti
Alexandra Wong
Federica Rugnone
Alice Breda
Giulia Spanghero
Andrea Vercetti


A glass of wine will kindly be offered by the wineshop Vino al Vino (Borgognissanti 70r, Florence)