Statement from the organizers, NonUnadiMeno Firenze:

"We're protesting to show our solidarity with the women raped in Florence on the night of September 6 and with all women subjected to violence in the home, in the workplace, and everywhere else, every day.

We're on the side of the victims, and we denounce the sexist rape culture that surrounds us and that has become even more evident after this event, a culture that constantly insinuates that the victims "were asking for it" or "who knows if it's really true."

The media campaign around this rape and the statements made by the mayor have pointed the finger at the women, their behavior, and their lives. We won't stand for this.

The victims are not to be accused.

We're protesting to say that rape is rape, regardless of who it happens to and who commits it.

For this reason, we're taking to the streets on September 16 at 8.30pm. We're going to start at piazzale Michelangelo and walk towards the historic center to "take them home." We'll take the same route that the two women would have taken, reaffirming that THE STREETS ARE MADE SAFE BY THE WOMEN WALKING IN THEM.

More details are coming soon; in the meantime, if you can, please spread the word as much as possible."


Featured image by Amelia Eclectique