Florence University of the Arts will spotlight artist and FUA alumna Melissa Kreider in a two-part exhibition across two venues—Ganzo, the creative lab-restaurant of Apicius International School of Hospitality, and FUA’s main campus at corso dei Tintori. The former portion will open on November 8 and the latter on November 16, with both running until December 5.

Titled "Remnants", Kreider’s exhibition comprises a series of photographs exploring themes of domestic and sexual assault, taken mostly in the rural United States. Her documentary images highlight the backlog of rape kits in police evidence rooms, sites where assaults or instances of domestic violence have occurred, steps involved in sexual assault evidence collection, and the survivors themselves. The photographs in "Remnants" only came to fruition through Kreider's extensive work with police headquarters and sexual assault survivor and advocate networks across the United States.

Kreider is particularly close to her subject matter as a survivor of sexual assault herself, and finds the Florentine display fitting in light of the recent rape allegations leveled at local carabinieri by two young American women studying in Florence. The artist’s primary aim is to prompt dialogue around this loaded yet essential topic: "Even if it sparks one productive conversation between people, that's what I want. I'm not trying to save the world."