“Black is the color of my true love’s hair/His face so soft and wondrous fair,” Nina Simone once sang. The R&B-jazz icon’s ballad and its explicit reverence for blackness inspired the title of this photography exhibition, which opens on February 2 at 5pm at the former convent of Sant’Orsola. Through the work of artists Martina Bacigalupo, Joana Choumali, Adji Dieye, Kevin Jerome Everson, Délio Jasse and Tommaso Tancredi, the exhibition explores the myriad meanings enmeshed in identity document photographs—the implications of belonging and community; the inherent problems in the standardized viewing of such documents; and the cementing of legal status, prompting reflection on all those still aspiring to it. Curated by Janine Gaëlle Dieudji and Justin Thompson, with support from the nearby Fondazione Marangoni and Elettra Officine Grafiche, the show is placed in direct, poignant dialogue with its site, the bricked-up, abandoned windows of Sant’Orsola, where it will stay on view until March 1.