Italian Challenge

Sunday, October 12

Editorial Staff
October 2, 2008

Sport day event organized by California State University open to every Us program students in Florence


Events & Clothing/Equipment Needed:


1. CALCETTO (5-man/woman soccer): What to wear/bring:

-        One dark and one light T-Shirt and a pair of shorts to play in

-        A change of clothes & whatever is necessary to take a shower

-        Soccer shoes or tennis shoes with good traction

-        Soccer balls provided by the club


2. TENNIS (on red clay courts): What to wear/bring:

-        Shorts, a T-shirt, change of socks & tennis shoes

-        A change of clothes & whatever is necessary to take a shower

-        NOTE:tennis shoes with SMOOTH SOLES, no track shoes(Clay courts)

-        Tennis rackets & balls will be provided by the club (if you need one)


3. BEACH VOLLEYBALL:  What to wear/bring:

-        Shorts, t-shirt and "flip flops"

-        A change of clothes & whatever is necessary to take a shower

-        NOTE:  you will be playing with bare feet on the sand

-        Volleyball provided by the club


Location: Tennis Club "La Limonaia", Via XX Settembre 198 - Sesto Fiorentino (FI),  tel.  055445413


Transport Information: Bus # 28 takes you to Sesto Fiorentino, very close to the club "La Limonaia" club, who is sponsoring the event.  In order to get to "La Limonaia - Italian Challenge"  before the events begin at 3 PM , you need to take the bus #28 that leaves from the Firenze SMN Train Station at 14:03 (2:03 PM).  This bus arrives at the bus stop called CIMITERO SESTO near the "Limonaia" club at 14:25 (2:25 PM).  From there you will have a 5 minute walk to the club. Refugio will accompany you.


Meeting point for students at 1:50 PM at the #28 bus stop at the Train Station, which is located in front of the main entrance to the station (the internal bus lane), near McDonalds.  If you miss the 14:03 PM # 28 BUS, there is another one at 14:23 (2:23 PM), that gets you to Sesto Fiorentino at 14:46 (2:46 PM), just before the events begin.


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