Dirty Bloody Shakespeare

Editorial Staff
February 27, 2014

Blood.  Sex.  Murder.  Lust. Revenge. And Sex. Lots and lots of Sex. Just another night out on the town!  Shakespeare has always been a  major box office sensation - the Quentin Tarintino of his generation!  His plays are packed with thrills and chills, sex and violence, blood and death - everything that makes an audience shriek for more! Check out the dirty, sexy, blood-soaked action in “Dirty, Blood Shakespeare”. William Shakespeare and his ‘Boy’ do battle with some of the naughtiest, raunchiest, bloodiest scenes ever penned by the Bard of Avon. Not your Mother’s Shakespeare.


"Dirty Bloody Shakespeare" in English

Teatro Goldoni, Via Santa Maria, 15, Firenze

Friday March 28 and Saturday March 29 at 9 p.m.

To reserve tickets: Call 333/2284784 (please call after 14:30)


Ticket prices:

Orchestra (Floor) seats: 15 euro, reduced: 12 euro

Box seats: 12 euro, reduced: 10 euro



Written by Ron Scot Fry

Directed by Shaun Loftus and Ron Scot Fry



Ron Scot Fry as William Shakespeare

Elia Nichols as 'The Boy'

Script Assistance by Shaun Loftus, Elia Nichols, and Susan Scot Fry

Produced by F.E.S.T.A. Theatre Company

Co-produced by Optimist Theatre, Fondazione Teatro della Pergola

Weaponry provided by Joseph Manussier

Costumes and Props by Charlene Paulbicke and Ron Scot Fry

Special Effects by Ron Scot Fry

Fight Choreography by Joseph Manussier and Ron Scot Fry

Stage Managed by Susan Scot Fry

Special thanks to Riccardo Ventrella, David Ballerini


For other information, write to [email protected]

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