Vegetarian restaurants in Florence

A guide to meat-free dining

Rebecca Gualandi
June 25, 2015

Diet fads come and go, but vegetarianism is not a fad. Adding to the long-standing religious beliefs that direct many the world over to follow a plant-based diet are increasing concerns about animal rights, nutrition, sustainability and the environment. Reflecting the growing trend, Florence has many more vegetarian restaurants (and more restaurants offering vegetarian options) than was the case not that many years ago, when finding vegetarian fare seemed an exercise in futility. Here are just a few vegetarian restaurants.


Il Vegetariano €


Il Vegetariano is a little hard to find, which might explain why it’s mostly full of locals. The simple, pretty décor extends to a small outdoor seating space. The tortiglioni with vegetarian ragù is delicious. For dessert, the vegan and peach and pear tart is absolutely ambrosial. Prices are extremely low: you can eat a full meal, including a coffee, for 7 euros.


Via delle Ruote 30R


Tuesday to Friday - lunch and dinner; Saturday and Sunday – dinner only



Ruth’s €€€


Located near the Synagogue, center of Jewish culture in Florence, Ruth’s offers not only simple and delicious food but a cultural experience too. Enjoy eastern Mediterranean flavors and dishes such as the tasty falafel and scrumptious apple cake.


Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 2A


Sunday to Thursday, lunch and dinner, Friday: lunch only, Saturday: dinner only

ilsedanoallegro ph. IGer chiara_matteuzzi_nutrizionista

Il Sedano Allegro €€€


Il Sedano Allego’s dishes are creative and flavourful. Enjoy the relaxed, jovial atmosphere and tuck into a delicate strawberry risotto or a seitan filet with cream of balsamic vinegar and parmesan.


Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 1


Monday through Saturday, lunch and dinner; closed Sundays




ph. IGer vitborgogno


Libreria Brac €€


Hidden in the heart of Florence, this intimate, quirky place is perfect for a glass of wine, aperitivo and vegetarian or vegan food. Try the piatto unico, a sampler of salad, a rice or pasta dish and one of the delicious breads—all composed of your choice from the menu. Libreria Brac is very popular, so book in advance.


Via dei Vagellai, 18r


Monday through Saturday, lunch and dinner; Sunday, dinner only


Dolce Vegan €€


This small, self-service restaurant serves top-notch vegan and raw food. Fill up on homemade ravioli, tortelli, gnocchi, tagliatelle, or lasagne with seitan, all made with fresh and organic ingredients. To finish, the cakes are a must: try the raw food almond mousse.


Via San Gallo, 92r


Open daily for lunch and dinner, except Tuesdays


La Raccolta €€


La Raccolta is a sustainable and eco-friendly bar, market and restaurant. Organic, zero km ingredients make for delicious, healthy vegan and vegetarian food. Stop in for a soy cappuccino and a vegan or wholemeal brioche for breakfast, for some locally sourced food shopping or some artichoke lasagna.


Via G.Leopardi, 2r 


Monday through Saturday, breakfast, lunch and dinner; closed Sundays


When not everyone in the group is vegetarian



Madame €€


Not vegetarian, but offering some fantastic vegetarian options, Madame takes a contemporary approach to Italian food, with charming décor and Sunday brunch. Try the borlotti bean and red rice burger with skinny fries and eggplant cream, served with homemade ketchup.


Via Pisana, 82


Open at lunch and dinner, closed Mondays


Konnubio €€€


A five minute walk from either the Duomo or Santa Maria Novella railway station, Konnubio offers a union of traditional Tuscan and contemporary vegetarian. It is superb–both delicate and flavorful, with vegan options and a focus on organic and zero-distancing sourcing, even among the wines. The atmosphere is cool and sophisticated, but you'll still be greeted with a warm welcome and impeccable service.


Via dei Conti 8R


Open every day at lunch and dinner

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