Socialeaty brings food to the table

Meal-sharing company fosters cultural exchanges over meals

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July 13, 2017 - 14:54

Sharing is all the rage: put the word “co-“ before any activity and you are sure to find a solid base of young, open-minded followers. Be it co-working, couchsurfing or ride shares, the spirit of sharing continues to grow in popularity.


The newest idea on the table will bring you literally to the table. Socialeaty is a Pisa-based meal sharing company, whose mission is to bring hosts and guests together over a family meal.


Founders Elisa Bertinelli and Massimo Sacchi were moved to action by their curiosity to meet new people, discuss different cultures and explore diverse lifestyles.


“Especially when we travelled, we noticed how inviting the smells of food were that would waft from the homes. We wanted to know the locals, in their natural ‘habitat’, the kitchen, everyone together at the table to listen to each other’s stories. This was the basis of our idea.”


Users can register on Socialeaty’s website as a host or guest (or both): hosts post their menus for the evening and guests can search the options and request an invite. In the spirit of “add a spot to the table”, a cap has been placed on the maximum cost of the meal, which is 10 euro. This way, the host can earn some cash, but the guest doesn’t feel they’re eating at a restaurant. 


From the beginning, Bertinelli and Sacchi were also insistent that their platform not just be for Italians. Their love for cultural exchanges is a perfect fit in Florence’s international community and, for this reason, Socialeaty has recently launched an English version of their website.


The hope, they say, is that “in addition to being a cultural visit, people can deepen their experiences in the city through typical cuisine. It’s also an interesting opportunity for Italian guests to explore international food though dinners with English and American residents in the city.”

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