Best gelatiere in Europe announced

Massimiliano Scotti wins Gelato Festival 2017

Editorial Staff
September 20, 2017 - 17:27

Florence-based Gelato Festival 2017 has finished its annual event by announcing the best ice-cream maker in Europe. This year’s honour went to Massimiliano Scotti of Gelateria Vero Latte in Vigevano, northern Italy, for his original flavour “Il mio primo vero latte” (My first real milk). Scotti reached the European finals, held in Florence’s piazzale Michelangelo on September 14 to 17, 2017, after winning the Milan leg of the contest.





In describing the milk, honey and rice concoction, Massimiliano Scotti commented that the gelato is “a flavour dedicated to the authentic flavours of the past; it’s a flavour dedicated to my grandmother. You can taste the just-milked milk and the rice and honey of my homeland”. On winning the Europe-wide competition, Scotti continued, “I’m deeply moved and it was great fun. I did my best as always, but I never expected to win. Gelato Festival is full of opportunities and every year brings top visibility to the best gelaterie in Europe, not only the winners but to all who participate.” 


Second place went to Vincenzo Lenci of Fiumicino’s Bar della Darsena for his red pepper and strawberry flavour, while the bronze was awarded to Giacomo Canteri of Warsaw’s Gelateria Limoni for Inne Lemon Curd, a delicate lemon cream enriched with the finest Italian white chocolate. 


The winner was decided half by a panel of journalists and gelato experts and 50 percent by the popular vote.


This event ends the 2017 Gelato Festival tour, which began in Florence before venturing to Rome, Turin, Milan, London, Warsaw and Hamburg. Next stop: America. September 29: Boulder!


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