“Questa è una Regina Bistecca!” poet-journalist-playwright and clear Chianina fan Gabriele D’Annunzio is said to have exclaimed. (The fuzzy translation “This is a queen among steaks!” makes less of an impact, no?)

Ph. Marco Badiani

Forty meters from the Duomo, opposite Teatro Niccolini, in what was for 140 years home to the antique bookshop Gonnelli, two sprightly Florentine entrepreneurs, Matteo Perduca (of boutique hotels SoprArno Suites and AdAstra) and Simone Arnetoli (of Galateo Ricevimenti) have opened Regina Bistecca. The macchiaioli—Tuscany’s answer to the Impressionists—were known to have gathered in the “Gonnelli room”; the new eatery preserves the space’s creative spirit with a gallery, loft and bookshelves that swap out volumes for Tuscan vini and gastronomic goods. Hanging on the walls are the bookshop’s original paintings, juxtaposed with meticulously curated contemporary choices. Banquet-style dining and deserving occasions get the beautiful colonnaded room—or other more hidden spaces.

Star of the menu is, of course, the steak: scottone meats, IGP Chianina, but also Black Angus and other IGP options, aged at least 21 days, cooked coal-fired. Then there’s the “supporting cast” equally worthy of applause: tripe, nervetti, lampredotto, even hamburgers. The counter at the entrance pulls double duty as an American-style bar for a cocktail or a quick bite.

Next in the lineup: lunch. Save room.


Regina Bistecca

Via Ricasoli 14R

tel. 055 26933772


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