Florence fashion frenzy

The world comes to Florence for Pitti Uomo

Cassandra Brown
January 10, 2008

This year’s Pitti Uomo, running from January 9 to 12, promises, as always, to wow the crowds with a mix of new and exciting trends from big name brands to new designers.


Both established brands and new designers will be showcasing their collections at the biannual event, with an exciting range of style identities and products.


One of the most exciting ventures this year will be the women’s collections, a first for Pitti. Forty brands from around the world, including the British brand Mulberry, the French brand Cacherel, and the Italian Romeo Gigli, will be previewing their 2008/2009 winter collections.


Accessories will be big news this year, with increased space dedicated to the most exclusive men’s accessories collections for next winter. There will also be many stands showcasing new and up and coming designers from around the world. The ‘New Beat’ area will be set in a futuristic cave, pierced by beams of light, whilst ‘Welcome to My House’ will put on view a contemporary street look. By presenting these differing displays, Pitti Uomo illustrates perfectly the evolving market and shows off the increasingly competitive and developing face of fashion.


Expect to see many oranges and browns, as well as greens, blues and plum tones.  Pitti Uomo this year demonstrates a very global outlook, so visitors will find fabrics and technologies from around the world: silks, cottons and wool from different points on the compass.


Of course, there will be the stands dedicated to luxury, as well as the sportswear and informal brands, catering to all types of men, and to all situations. Something that binds the entire collection of brands together, however, is the high level of quality, design technique, and ingenuity. 

In fact, Pitti Uomo is unique in the world for bringing together such an amazing collection of designs. For that reason it becomes a hub of global networking and business. Buyers from the leading retailers around the world, as well as journalists from all the major fashion publications, will descend on Florence for this fair.


With this incredible attendance of important names in the fashion world, Florence also acts as a giant window into the next season. All the stores put on an amazing display of visual merchandising to demonstrate in true Italian style, the upcoming fashions for the summer, as well as those at Pitti for the following winter. Pitti serves as a great economic boost for Florence, and much of the seasons’ fashion business is carried out in these days.


The designs and workmanship displayed at Pitti dictate the upcoming buying and merchandising patterns, as well as what will filter into the stores.  It is an exciting illustration of what is happening across the market. With an insight into the trends of today—how they differ from recent trends, and what new directions are being take—Pitti Uomo is an important launching pad for new names and emerging talent.

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