Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
October 8, 2009


Allampanato: Lanky.

The word can also be used with another expression that denotes extreme thinness: ciucciato dalle streghe.


Example: ‘Quel ragazzo l'è secco allampanato...e sembra ciucciato dalle streghe!' (That guy is really lanky...he must weigh 100 pounds soaking wet!)



Bubàre: To complain about someone or something in a low voice.


Example: ‘Icchè c'ha da bubare quì bischero?!' (What is that idiot complaining about over there?!)



Boccia: Bottle.


Example: ‘Che la smetti di bere a boccia!!' (Quit drinking out of the bottle!)



Barroccio/barroccino: A barroccio was a horsecart used to transport goods through Florence.

A barroccino is a small cart used by street vendors to sell food or other merchandise.


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