Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
March 1, 2012


Florentine pronunciation of ‘lapis' (pencil).

Example: ‘O che la smetti di mangiatti i' lápisse e tu cominci a studiare!' (‘Would you quit chewing on your pencil and start studying already!')



La chiesina fa l'elemosina a' i' Domo

Literally, ‘the parish church giving charity to the Duomo'. When someone with plenty asks for money from someone who has very little.

Example: ‘O ragazzi ‘un ci manca che la ditta ci chieda i sordi pe' lavorare, sennò davvero si a come la chiesina che fa l'elemosima a' i' Domo!' (‘All that's left is for the company to start asking us to pay to come to work! It's like the parish church giving charity to the Duomo!')



Cleaning rag. Also traditional pastry of fried dough dusted with powdered sugar served during carnival time.

Example: ‘Piglia i' cencio e comincia a pulire in terra!' (‘Get the rag and start cleaning the floor!')

Example: ‘Che ci si ferma a' i' forno a prendere un po' di cenci?' (‘Should we stop at the bakery to get some cenci?')

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