A midnight snack?

Alex Beale
October 24, 2013

As you wander around Florence in the early hours of the morning, fresh out of the bars or the discoteche, your nose will catch the aroma of fresh-baked pastries. For only one euro, you can enjoy a piping hot cornetto or cannolo—from a ‘secret’ bakery. Here’s where you can find a few: Pasticceria Vinci & Bongini (Santa Croce): Walk down via dei Benci towards the Arno and turn right into piazza dei Peruzzi. Take the first left, then the first right on to via del Canto Rivolto. When you see a ‘Please be quiet’ sign on a sliding glass door, you’ve arrived. Laboratorio di Pasticceria Arrighi (piazza dell'Indipendenza/SMN train station): On the corner of via delle Ruote and via San Gallo. The ‘Truly Secret’ Bakery (Santa Croce): Facing Santa Croce, take the street directly to the left of the church and make the third left onto via de’ Macci. The bakery is on your left and the door is covered by caged bars.

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