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Top five shops in Florence for teens and young adults

Bridget Babcox
October 10, 2013

Florence is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so it would simply be a crime not to enjoy the plethora of stores it has to offer, whether by window shopping (a personal favorite) or filling shopping bags with new purchases. Teens and young adults living in Florence are especially lucky to have access to some of the best youth-focused retail in the world. Not only are the huge brand-name stores like Zara and H&M great for teens, but there are plenty of other lesser-known stores that deserve a spot in the limelight as well.


Here are some of the best stores, both smaller-scale brands and boutiques, for teens around Florence. Whatever your personal style, these stores will have something for you!



(via della Vigna Nuova, 16)


Secret is just what its name implies: a hidden treasure in Florence. Because it is a small boutique, it has plenty of unique finds. The clothes are extremely versatile: you can wear them dressed up or down, accentuate their funkiness or bring out their classic qualities. Try on some great blouses, both patterned and simple. The knit sweaters easily bridge the ever-present gap between cute and comfortable. Beware: the cashmere items are so soft it will be love at first touch.




(via Cavour, 172)


Brandy Melville is a definite must! The store has a beachy Californian vibe, as does the clothing. On the racks you can find everything from bandana headbands to distressed jeans shorts and girly cutout dresses. And get this: almost everything in the store is one size fits all, which takes away the annoyance of having to try on multiple sizes.






This Italian brand is playful and fun. Its clothes are bold yet still within the boundaries of mainstream fashion. Looking for a colorful, patterned sweater? How about gray-scale leopard-print jeans? Then check out Dixie! There are four locations around Florence, so check the website to find the store closest to you.




(via dei Rondinelli, 9)


This higher-end shop is worth a stop for the atmosphere alone. Under its crystal chandeliers and towering statues, you will find racks of one-of-a-kind pieces, clothing to build outfits around. Everything seems to be simple yet with a twist, like a classic-cut cashmere sweater, but it’s electric blue and has an intricate silver pin. Or a jean shirt, but with colorful embroidering on the shoulders. As an extra benefit, this store has selections for boys as well.




(via de’ Benci, 4)


With clothes that are effortlessly cute, Subdued is the perfect one stop shop for a casual weekend wardrobe. Think simple tees emblazoned with witty phrases, jean bottoms of all varieties and cozy sweaters. If casual chic is the look for you, this is your store.

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