Sfavato, Cimbardosa, Va’ par che torni

Your in-progress dictionary of the Florentine dialect

Francesco Stefanelli, Alexandra Lawrence
October 10, 2013

Sfavato: Bored to death, unmotivated, unenthusiastic.


Example: ‘Icchè t’hai oggi? Ti vedo sfavato.’ (‘What’s wrong with you today? You look totally bored to death.’)



Cimbardosa: A gossip, big mouth, windbag.


Example: ‘Quella cimbardosa di’ piano di sopra la mette bocca dappertutto! Esagerata!’ (‘That old windbag upstairs is always getting in everyone’s business! She’s out of control!’)



Và par che torni: Literally someone who walks so slowly it seems like he is walking backwards.


Example: ‘Badalo lì, e va par che torni!’ (‘Look at him over there, just shuffling along!’)

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