Appestato, Licitte, Gorpe

Your in-progress dictionary of the Florentine dialect

Francesco Stefanelli, Alexandra Lawrence
November 21, 2013

Appestato: Intensifier used to indicate something that is highly exaggerated


Example: ‘L’arrosto un si mangia, lè salato appestato!’

(‘The roast is inedible; it is salted to the gills!’)



Lìcitte: Bathroom


Example: ‘O nìni, vo’ a’ i’ licitte, un c’è la fo’ più!’(‘Oh, little one, I have to run to the bathroom; I can’t hold it anymore!’)



Gorpe: Fox


Example: ‘Bada che gorpe c’è laggiù ni’ pollaio!’(‘Look at the fox that’s down in the chicken coop!’)

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