Pitti fashion circus

Top 5 Pitti trends and photo gallery / January 2014

Marco Badiani
December 12, 2013

Pitti Immagine is the only international fashion event in Florence. Twice a year, the city attracts fashion and media personalities on a par with the fashion weeks of Milan, Paris or New York. And twice a year, I go over to the Fortezza da Basso, do some street fashion photography, and write my summary of this season's major trends.


Top 5 Pitti Fashion Trends of January 2014


WOOL IS IN / Pitti People are wearing jackets and coats or stoles over shoulders in crazy colours or patterns, nothing to do with the classic, but also nothing techno... all rigorously 100% natural wool.


JAPANESE / The Oriental and especially Japanese visitors are clearly the most fashionable, establishing themselves as modern dandies. And the men at Pitti are more attractive than the women. Sad, no?


ON EXHIBIT / Everyone is on show, with even the casual visitor walking down the cat walk and conscious of it. Forced looks and poses to encourage being photographed. Bloggers and freelance photographers have their work handed to them.


SMARTPHONING / The act of constantly holding and fiddling with a smartphone, not to actually communicate per se, but as an excuse to pose, so as to be photographed (see above).


SMOKING / it appears to be back in style. People are smoking like Turks.



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