Community circles


Celyn Bricker
January 16, 2014

Housed in via Palazzuolo 8, the Anelli Mancanti is a volunteer-run cultural centre that offers support and services to Florence’s migrant community, a monthly program of markets and concerts, and a two-day festival every July. Although teaching Italian is a key part of the centre’s activities, it also offers courses in numerous other languages, along with yoga, theatre and information technology. Alongside these creative activities the centre provides a number of other vital services to the local migrant community, including medical and legal support.


The Anelli Mancanti’s commitment to its vision of a more equal and intercultural society is impressive in its own right, as are the creative means through which it enacts this vision. Those motivated by similar interests are invited to become involved through volunteering in this welcoming and genuinely inclusive community, or by attending one of its monthly or annual events. Doing so will provide some insight into an important, but often overlooked, aspect of Florence, and one that will certainly reward those who engage with it.


A full list of the centre’s events can be found at and

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