Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
May 8, 2014


Arrotare: To be run over.


Example: ‘Manca poco questo bischero m’arrota! E guarda i’ telefonino invece della strada!’ (‘That idiot was about to run me over! He’s looking at his cell phone instead of the road!’)



Dare di barta: To go crazy.


Example: ‘Poeri noi, i’ caldo gli fa dare di barta, un ragiona più!’ (‘Poor us! The heat makes him go crazy. He makes no sense!’)



Apparecchio: My nonna used this word to refer to an airplane. It is usually used for machines or other technical instruments.


Example: ‘Nanni a che ora tú pigli l’apparecchio domattina?’ (‘Little one, what time are you getting the plane tomorrow morning?’) 

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