Season swapping

Enrica Guidato
September 11, 2014

‘Non ci sono più le mezze stagioni’ (‘there are no more mid-seasons’) is an old Italian saying meaning that we are going from summer to winter and back, without the smoothing influence of spring and fall.


That saying certainly applies to fashion this year, as swings in temperature have affected the season-centred fashion industry, particularly retailers. In Florence in particular, with the relative coolness of the season, stock did not move and stores were forced to sell off their summer clothing at steep discounts or at a loss. And now that the stores are displaying fall collections, temperatures are calling for sundresses and sandals.


Those best prepared to handle this strange situation are the fast-fashion chains, as they are the only ones able to swap their collections on a weekly basis and to adjust rapidly to the demand. But, as we all know, in Italy it’s a crime against fashion to buy cheap, mass-produced garments. Head instead for the side streets and look for markets and small boutiques, buy basics and stay tuned for my column in TF 203! 

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