Underdress to impress

Style & the city

Enrica Guidato
October 2, 2014

Fall trends are still nodding toward ‘90s minimalism, and the current understated approach is changing our concept of luxury. This season, it’s all about clean cuts and simple shapes in the storefront displays and on the street-style stars.


Here are the latest womenswear trends: tops are boxy, and designers are manipulating materials like neoprene and thick jersey into distinct, form-keeping shapes, often embellished with stones. Prints are geometric and abstract. Pants are slim-fitting and shorter at the ankles, but the wider, cuffed look is also popular. With skirts, we’re seeing two main types: the of-the-moment circle skirt and the classic pencil.


Big hits of the season are eco-friendly furs, denim and fringe. These retro and folk-inspired trends are adorning bags, shirts, dresses, even shorts. Colors are tending toward more muted neutrals, with accents of grey, red and electric blue. The new shade of the season, though, is pink! After popping up on the red carpets during February’s fashion weeks, pink is now spreading through all the stores in a variety of hues.


Adding to the ‘girly-girl’ vibe, 50’s and 70’s dresses are back. Florals, ruffles and chiffon add a touch of femininity to the serious menswear-inspired seasonal styles.


The takeaway for we Florentine ladies this fall? Style up the understated!

Simple doesn’t mean basic. We just have to look for our personal fashion statement every day in those small but essential details that will let our style speak for itself. 

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