Dress in denim!

Style + the City

Enrica Guidato
September 10, 2015

With beach days behind us, we’re back to daily life in Florence, ready to start the fall season in style with a classic staple that’s trendier than ever right now: denim.

The word ‘denim’ derives from the French city of Nimes—the blue fabric was known as the serge de Nimes. Denim also has a cool Italian connection: Genoa was another one of the first cities to produce it. Since the city is known as Gênes in French, many believe this to be the origin of the word "jeans." This resilient material was worn primarily by those who did manual labor—until James Dean transformed it into a symbol of rebellion. Today, although it comes in countless different colors and washes, for all ages and budgets, some of the top designers use denim for their edgiest (and pricey) pieces.

Here’s how to sport denim this fall. Ladies can pair bell-bottom pants or pencil skirts with a fringed top or handbag for a ’70s look. Men can roll up their jeans for a hipster-chic aesthetic. In general, fits are fairly tight. And to go with the jeans, button-downs are big right now—the ‘nerdier,’ the better. Double up: layer a denim jacket over a denim shirt for an on-trend look. Or make the trend yours with your own ‘jean’-ious style ideas.

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