New artisan workshop series in Florence

Make bags, purses, shoes, and more at the Mercato Centrale

Gabriella Ienzi
November 5, 2015


ph. courtesy of My Vintage Academy

A new series of artisanal workshops has just launched at Florence’s Mercato Centrale.  Creator Barbara Ricchi launched My Vintage Academy Workshops to draw attention to Tuscan artigianale traditions and to promote high-quality craftsmanship in the fields of fashion, design, and accessories.


Ricchi has over 30 years of experience in the luxury fashion industry working for big-name brands. With support from carefully chosen, highly skilled master artisans who will be leading her workshops, Ricchi will teach participants—locals, foreigners, and tourists alike—how to hand-create everything from scarves to purses to shoes. Ricchi will rely on experience from her own accessories company, Giorgio Linea S.r.L, in formulating an array of workshops based on leather manufacturing, bijoux, fashion accessories, headpieces and artisanal perfume making.  


The choice of Florence’s Mercato Centrale as the venue is no accident. Ricchi hopes to make a clear statement that fashion should adhere to the same principles put forth by the ‘slow food’ movement. Ricchi aims to link ‘gourmet’ concepts to the fashion industry and goods manufacturing, and to emphasize the importance of ‘maker know-how’ in fashion.


The first workshop was held November 16 and the initiative will continue through December 20. All courses are offered in English and Italian, but Ricchi stresses that everyone, even those who do not speak English or Italian, is welcome to the workshops, and that participants will be guided through visual aids. Children’s workshops are also available.   


All items made in the workshops will be made using old-fashioned artisanal methods and the highest quality tools, selected based on Ricchi’s own extensive experience in the luxury good industry. Participants can keep anything they create.


For a list of upcoming workshops and for registration information, visit MVA’s Facebook page.

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