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10 Most popular all-time articles in 2015

Alexandra Korey
December 3, 2015

What have you been reading on The Florentine? In 2015, our website saw more than half a million visitors – these are the top articles they were reading, from secret bakeries to swimming pools.



Explaining the expression ‘Prego’

Linda Falcone explains the meaning of this all-purpose Italian word with the typical humour that characterizes her articles and two books Italians Dance and If They Are Roses.



The Medici Balls

medici coats of arms


The Medici family has always been associated with balls. Six of them to be exact. But what do they mean? Rose Mackworth-Young reports.



The August 1, 2015 tornado

Damage from the major storm Damage from the major storm


The world’s eyes were on Florence on August 1st when a tornado hit the city’s south end. The damage was mostly in the suburbs, to parks and private homes.



In bocca al lupo

This 2005 classic article by Linda Falcone is another perennial favourite, explaining the rather odd way to wish each other luck in Italian.



Top 10 things to do in Prato

Palazzo Pretorio Prato


This travel article shows off the best of our neighbouring city of Prato, and we’re glad people are finding it – the town has lots to offer!



Where to find live music in Florence

Following TF’s focus on finding the best things to do in the city, this 2013 article on the best live music locales is a handy reference – as are our events listing and top picks articles!



Secret bakeries in Florence



People are also still always looking for the famed secret bakeries in the city – our 2011 list is still valid.



Gorgeous photos of Sammezzano Castle



TF got into the highly exclusive Sammezzano Castle (which went up for auction this year, but got no buyers) – this photo article and history proved a crowd pleaser.



Swimming pools in Florence


It was a hot summer, so our handy list of swimming pools in Florence was highly popular in the summer months.



Nearest beaches to Florence

Viareggio beach


Just as readers wanted water in pools, beaches came a close second in their searches during this long, hot summer. [Photo credit Olga creative commons on Flickr]



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