Stir it up: foodie DJs in Florence

DJs bridge the divide between the senses

Michelle Davis
March 7, 2017 - 10:25

Crate diggers and food market aficionados unite: the gastrophonic resistance is here!

Don Pasta. Ph. Lonrezo Cuppini

Enter a dimension where tables become turntables and the meals that dictate the very rhythm of our everyday lives become an excuse to mix music, flour and conviviality into the perfect recipe for gusto-filled fun. Naples-born slam poet and food lover Aldo Laurenza, aka RisAldo, serves creamy risotti and simmering Brazilian beats, bridging the divide between the senses.

Originally from the province of Matera, Daniela Dello Russo, aka Coqò Djette, now lives and makes music in Florence. During her sets she dishes out steamy cavatelli pasta and global vibes. “Being a southern girl, I am very much aware of the fact that cooking and eating together creates a heightened sense of intimacy and commonality,” she smiles.

“When I prepare my cavatelli live, everyone pays attention, impatient to see—and taste!—the final result. There’s something magical in pairing music with food.”

Coqò Djette is also part of the itinerant Calabrian project Coltivatori di Musica, whose founders Paola and Stefano tend to their “musical crops” and travel the boot by camper, probing the relationship between music and food with site-specific performances, dancing feasts and saucy handmade gnocchi.

Musician and performer Daniele De Michele, aka Don Pasta, is renowned for his legendary cooking dj sets (I’ve seen people diving, mouth wide open, for flying polpette prepared on the spot) and “Artusi Remix”, his modern take on the great-grandfather of Italian cookbooks.

“Whenever you're facing a problem, just add oil,” he laughs, stirring pots and good vibes. These cutting-edge pasta-mastahs are bound to work up your groove and appetite!

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