Whether perusing the inside of a fresco-filled palace or visually absorbing the Uffizi’s jewel-toned artworks, there could be little doubt in the minds of visitors and locals that Florence is inherently brimming with colour. And yet, unlike the multi-hued terraces of Notting Hill or Montmartre’s pastel rue Cremieux, such vibrancy is seldom reflected in the city’s most-recognised exteriors; less ultramarine blues and scarlet reds, more gentle golds, subtle ambers and delicate greys. While these neutral, sometimes foreboding edifices often end up enhancing the impact of their resplendent interiors—and in centuries past, doubtless acted as an impenetrable vault for the masterpieces that lay within—such understated colour pairings equally provide the ultimate blank canvas for a visual experiment. Inspired by the dazzling #SpectrumEdits of Ramzy Mazri (better known through social media channels as @space.ram), I traversed both sides of the Arno to bathe elegant archways, custard-cream churches and commanding palazzi in a spectrum of colours.

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